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Poplee Core HR

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No integration

Integration via flat file (with FTP deposit possible) or via a third-party integration platform

API interfacing with one Lucca solution

Complex PLC interfacing or interfacing with two or more Lucca solutions

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To Lucca

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Beetween is a Saas application management system (ATS) that covers the entire recruitment process, from the moment a need arises in a team, right through to the drafting of an employment contract. At the heart of their DNA, their solution is ultra-customizable to match each customer’s identity, with tailor-made support.

The Beetween solution is:

  • a high-performance system for 10 years,
  • a comprehensive, tailor-made solution,
  • personalized AI experience and statistics,
  • priority support in project management mode, with a single point of contact.

Main features

The main features are:

  • request for recruitment authorization,
  • multicasting & sourcing (150 integrated job boards),
  • career portal,
  • CV library,
  • pre-selection (matching, scoring, assessment, deferred video),
  • management and collaboration (file sharing, task management, planning),
  • candidate communication (sms, e-mail, automated e-mails, questionnaires, tests),
  • inApp statistics and communication with a BI tool,
  • administration of users, rights and functionalities.

Synchronized data

The Beetween data that will be synchronized as part of this integration is: 

  • employee’s name,
  • first name of the employee,
  • business e-mail (personal e-mail to be filled in if business e-mail is unknown),
  • manager,
  • department,
  • contract start date,
  • establishment.

The following information can also be transferred when creating a user file in Lucca: city, date of birth, street number and street name.

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