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Poplee Core HR

Integration level


No integration

Integration via flat file (with FTP deposit possible) or via a third-party integration platform

API interfacing with one Lucca solution

Complex PLC interfacing or interfacing with two or more Lucca solutions

Integration Mode


Integration Direction

From Lucca

Connector owner



Primo is a unique and simple cockpit that helps HR teams automate their IT. Whether there are 2 or 200 of you, get started for free and start managing, securing, purchasing, repairing or reselling your fleet of computers and equipment in just one click, remotely.

This connector has been developed using a third-party integration platform and not directly between our two solutions. An additional cost may be billed to you by the publisher for setting up this integration.

Main features

The main features are:

  • Primo Deploy – Free- Synchronization with Lucca, fleet and inventory tracking, purchase, resale and repair of your computers and equipment,
  • Primo Manage – 7€ pepm- Monitoring and configuration of your devices, pre-installation of apps during the onboarding, remote locking and wiping of devices, disk encryption.

Synchronized data

The Primo data that will be synchronized as part of this integration is: 

  • employee’s name,
  • employee’s first name,
  • employee email,
  • direct line,
  • contract start date,
  • contract end date,
  • manager,
  • department.

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