Solutions involved

Poplee Core HR, Pagga Compensation

Integration level


No integration

Integration via flat file (with FTP deposit possible) or via a third-party integration platform

API interfacing with one Lucca solution

Complex PLC interfacing or interfacing with two or more Lucca solutions

Integration Mode


Integration Direction

From Lucca

Connector owner



Simbel is an all-in-one HR solution for training management (TMS, LMS, Marketplace) used by HR teams in SMEs and mid-sized companies.

Simbel is the solution that integrates with Lucca to cover all Learning & Development challenges for SMEs and mid-sized companies.

Main features

The main features are:

The solution integrates with Lucca Poplee to allow you, in the continuity of interviews, to:
• manage your training plan;
• create internal courses and distribute your content (videos, texts, presentations, quizzes, etc.);
• access the best market providers at -30%.

The integration of Simbel with Lucca enables a seamless connection between the two solutions. Lucca users are automatically synchronized with Simbel, as well as payroll data if applicable.

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