Solutions involved

Timmi Timesheet, Poplee Core HR

Integration level


No integration

Integration via flat file (with FTP deposit possible) or via a third-party integration platform

API interfacing with one Lucca solution

Complex PLC interfacing or interfacing with two or more Lucca solutions

Integration Mode


Integration Direction

To Lucca

Connector owner



Skiply provides tools to automate time recording for employees who don’t have a fixed office: cleaning, catering, construction sites, events…

Skiply provides wireless and secure connected solutions (RFID time clocks, QR codes…) that work anywhere in the world.

Skiply offers pointing solutions that adapt to all situations in the field. Their low-energy technologies offer several years’ battery life.

Main features

The main features are:

  • RFID clocking,
  • pointage bluetooth,
  • simple QR code mobile check-in,
  • mobile check-in via secure rotating QR code,
  • clocking via code-connected keypad.

Synchronized data

The Lucca data that will be synchronized as part of this integration is:

  • start and end of time declaration on an analytical axis,
  • employee ID.

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