Solutions involved

Poplee Core HR

Integration level


No integration

Integration via flat file (with FTP deposit possible) or via a third-party integration platform

API interfacing with one Lucca solution

Complex PLC interfacing or interfacing with two or more Lucca solutions

Integration Mode


Integration Direction

From Lucca

Connector owner



A company founded by labor lawyers in 2018, WeChooz offers a turnkey solution for organizing CSE elections, including dedicated support, a ballot management platform and a secure e-voting platform.

WeChooz offers an easy-to-use, turnkey solution. The project managers who work with you are attentive and responsive. It’s an intuitive and innovative tool for organizing your elections.

Main features

The main features are:

  • turnkey,
  • security (CNIL compliance),
  • piloting platform,
  • electronic voting,
  • human accompaniment.

Synchronized data

The Lucca data that will be synchronized as part of this integration are:

  • employee’s name,
  • employee’s first name,
  • language,
  • genre,
  • personal e-mail,
  • professional e-mail,
  • personal phone,
  • business telephone,
  • seniority date,
  • start date of the employment contract,
  • date of birth,
  • employee’s address.

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