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Flat File

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Skillup supports HR teams in the engagement, development and retention of talent. The application focuses on user experience to make HR processes useful and enjoyable. Skillup offers a SaaS suite including HR modules such as Performance Review, Learning Management System and Competency Module, designed specifically for mid-sized companies.

This allows users to:

  • reduce HR administrative work,
  • strengthen the strategic role of HR teams,
  • engage employees in talent development.

Main features

The main features are:

  • performance assessment (managing interviews, setting objectives and monitoring overall performance),
  • training management system (sharing a personalized training portal, connected to 60,000 training programs, to centralize needs and organize training),
  • skills module (combining job descriptions and skills to identify skills gaps at both individual and company level).

Synchronized data

When sending employee data to Skillup, you will need to create an HR data export containing the following data:

  • employee login,
  • ID number,
  • employee’s name,
  • employee’s first name,
  • manager’s ID number.

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